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Serial Entrepreneur: Secrets Revealed!

Mar 28, 2022

Run your next venture like a serial unicorn 

(Recorded Live on Clubhouse March 18, 2022)

In this session, entrepreneurial tech icon Bhavin Turakhia shared the business plan he’s developed over his impressive career. We discussed planning for and building a successful business, increasing valuation, and leaving it in...

Mar 28, 2022

You’ve Written a Book or Launched a Podcast. What Now? (Recorded Live on Clubhouse March 11, 2022) 1 In this session, best-selling author Mike Alden shares his method to land your book or podcast on the best-selling lists. What investments are worthwhile and what to save on, and how to ensure presales. Plus, the...

Mar 11, 2022

Michael Altshuler’s top career coaching secrets unlocked 

(Recorded Live on Clubhouse March 4, 2022) 

This session we welcomed author and expert Michael Altshuler to share his top 3 tips to be a successful salesperson and what keeps him optimistic in a field with so much rejection. His thoughts on building rapport,...

Mar 11, 2022

The Clubhouse Creator author’s tips for attracting the right following. 

(Recorded Live on Clubhouse February 25, 2022)   

Digital marketing expert Gary Henderson joined us to discuss the power of social-audio platform Clubhouse for networking and gaining the coveted super fan.. Everything you need to know to amass a...

Mar 1, 2022

Hiring the right people, what works for you?   (Recorded Live on Clubhouse February 18, 2022) In this OpenMic session, we’re sharing our reliable methods for adding talented, driven employees to your team and giving them a reason to stick around. We heard from the audience the best interview techniques and the...